Kelli Borgonia

Product Designer

I am an extremely pragmatic designer who is passionate about creating things that are both functional and delightful. I love collaborating with engineers to architect systems that transform ideas into inventive solutions and meaningful products.

Recent Work

Product Design

The Launch

Designed a team-building and communication game that utilizes both physical components and a digital UI. Case study follows a user-centered design process spanning a 6-week ultra-rapid development cycle from conception to delivery.

Case Study
Game cards and mobile interface for The Launch.


National Domestic Workers Alliance

Simplified the member sign up process and increased the website's accessibility. Designing user flows that utilize SMS authentication in order to target an audience that primarily only has access to mobile phone browsers and text messaging.

Case Study
New membership onboarding flow for the National Domestic Workers Alliance.

Information Architecture

Root + STEM

Worked closely with both the developer and the research team to ensure that information was standardized and could be translated into a dynamic data visualization with an efficiently maintainable infrastructure.

Case Study
Interactive data visualization of Hawai'i STEM resources.


Unicorny Gmail

Identified the UX and UI pain points in Gmail’s user interface, hacked Google Chrome with CSS overrides to fix the problems, published my own Chrome Extension, and documented the process. This blog post was featured on Modus,'s UX/UI Design blog, and has received over 80k total views.

Case Study
A Chrome Extension with custom CSS overrides for Gmail.


Flight Plan

Designed, illustrated, and fully coded a mobile-responsive UI for an experimental user flow that prioritizes leisure and piece-of-mind over price-sensitivity during online airline booking. Case study highlights my process in taking an experimental product from ideation to execution during a 24-hour sprint.

Case Study
A re-imagined theoretical user experience for online airline booking.